Saturday, November 15, 2008

Kleppur - madhouse

An Icelandic joke

When you phone Kleppur (madhouse) you'll get an automatic answering machine:
You are connected with Kleppur.
If you have invested in Icelandic banks, press 1.
If you are hording provisions at Bónus, press 2.
If you really think anyone will be held accountable for the crash, press 3.
If you trust politicians and other Icelandic half-assed copycats to solve the problem, press 4.
If you deem it wise that the same shitty blockheads who played an important part in the crash, among them the Financial Supervisory Authority and the government, take care of the reorganisation, press 5.
If you think the Icelandic króna is a valid currency, press 6.
If nothing is chosen you will be connected to the office of the parliament at Austurvöllur.
You are number 168.537 in line.

I have cancelled the button 7 because it's to hard to explain the term "útrásarkrimminn". Here you can find the original Icelandic joke.

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