Sunday, January 4, 2009

Dinner for One

Though the politician's talk show Kryddsíld on New Year's Eve was a big hit there are considerations to cancel the show in the future to spare the furniture of the Hótel Borg in Reykjavík. Instead Dinner for One should be performed as is the custom in other Scandinavian countries. To introduce the alternative small talk show in Iceland some changes are recommended.

The ghost guests Sir Toby, Admiral von Schneider, Mr. Pommeroy and Mr. Winterbottom should be replaced by Sir Haarde, Admiral Bjarnason, Mr. Sigurðsson and Mr. Mathiesen. Ingibjörg Sólrún could act Miss Sofie and Davíd would perform the butler James perfectly.

But why waiting for the next New Year's Eve? To introduce Dinner for One in Iceland I propose January 23, this year's first day of Þorri, the so called Bóndadagur, dedicated to men. Then the British dinner can be transformed in a Þorrablót, an Icelandic midwinter feast.

Appetizer: Hákarl (rotten shark) and harðfiskur (dried fish).
Maincourses: hrútspungar (sheep's testicles), sviðasulta (sheep's head jam), slátur (liver and blood sausages), hangikjöt (smoked lamb), hvalllíki (fake whale blubber) and other delicacies.
There is no need of dessert.
The drinks are brennivín - a schnapps also known as Svartidauði (Black Death) – maybe a drop of Egils beer, brennivín and brennívin again.

When the original sketch was filmed the British actor Freddie Frinton had his tiger with him and insisted on using it although the studio had prepared a polar bear skin. Now it is time to appoint the polar bear! There are two nice hunting trophies from the last year, which were already a great success in the Áramótaskaup (New Year's joke) TV-show.

I only fear all visible and invisible actors will refuse to go off and mess up the glorious end of Dinner for One in Iceland.

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Stan Hirson said...

Very good idea!

I loved the illustrations, particularly tripping over a polar bear.